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Baby We're Invincible

*does happy dance*
Okay, I have a huge crush on some dude I don't even talk to who is in a younger grade than me, and I'm two months his senior. I tried to make myself hate him, but it just won't work. I keep blabbing about him, and one time HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME. Yeah, I swooned, and giggled really loud. I'm sure he heard me, and probably knows I like him by now, cuz every time he walks towards me (of course I look away to prevent myself any damage), he always tries to stop himself from smiling, I'm not sure if my friend is lying or not. (>_<) Stupid kid. He knows how much power he has over me. I hate it.
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I thought I was a 'normal' fan.


I don't care what your reason is for the way you're acting right now: BUT YOU SUCK. Stupid guy. You were my favorite! YOU KNOW WHAT? THAT'S RIGHT. I'M GONNA GO FANGIRL ABOUT YI JUNG NOW. He was always the better one. He's cuter than you, his smile and his cheeks are adorable, and HECK even his pedo!stare is just fjakldjslkaj beautiful. PLUS HIS HAIR IS GORGEOUS! I still love Jun Pyo though.

Aish. I have no life. I realllly need to find a hobby other than gluing my eyes to the screen watching some stupid drama. I personally think all BOF fans are against me. At first I didn't wanna watch, but then everyone and their freaking mom watches it, and not to mention my sister. YOU GOT ME ADDICTED. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW. *runs off to watch episode 14* YAY HAIMING! \o/

And just for curiosity sake please vote for your favorite BOF character. Although episode 13/14 might have become a huge influence in your decision.

Current Favorite

Goo Jun Pyo
Yoon Ji Hoo
So Yi Jung
Song Woo Bin

ETA: I just finished watching the fourteenth episode of BOF. So... NEVERMIND I LOVE JUN PYO. I HOPE TO GOD THAT YOU DON'T FALL FOR YOUR FIANCE. STUPID JERKY GIRL. PLEASE DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!! I swear to god his mom is a stalker or something. AND HAIMING IS AN ADORABLE PERSON!! SO KYUTEH!

In RL I'm not this crazy. LJ is just an outlet for me to write/chat about things I'm not allowed to talk about in the house. Fangirling is what I do on LJ. I don't really slave over dramas in real life lol. After episode 15, yeah. I'm definitely crazy in real life and on livejournal.
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Handwriting Meme

My messy handwriting meme haha.
I used graph paper too, cuz that was the closest thing to refill paper.
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Edit: omg. I just realized that I was suppose to list two favorite groups. T_T Just pretend I wrote SHINee please lol.

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I'm so glad it's a long weekend

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Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

01 My favorite color is green
02 I'm currently watching We Just Married
03 I REALLY want to see Junsu in person~ (esp. if he's dancing ;)
04 I'm an "anti-anti-fan" and proud of it! ♥
05 I love Batman's voice in The Dark Knight
06 Loves to fangirl with my f-list and sister
07 My sister is jaej_jmin_26 
08 I really need to scan the Handwriting Meme I'm sure everyone's done
09 I love to make my friends laugh
10 I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus
11 I want to watch "The Uninvited", just because it's a Korean remake
12 I don't think "My Sassy Girl" American-version will be as good as the original
13 Loves horror films until I finish watching the movie and swear to myself that I will never watch them again

I'm going to tag the 16 people who wants to do this! Especially the friends I made over at the SHINee Friending Meme. So if you want to, please do! ILU, my f-list!
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O_O WTF is this. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO FIT THAT MUCH SEX INTO ONE PERSON?! AT LEAST LET OTHER'S HAVE SOME OF YOUR SEXINESS! I stared at this picture for what felt like 3 seconds but in actuality it was 60. I was just... staring... possibly salivating -

Junsu doesn't even do this to me (well yes he does but not to this extremity).
My dad's gonna kill me if he finds this on my laptop.
I've had to edit this entry three four five times because I couldn't concentrate on typing.

(special thanks to vermeil)

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Road Test!

I passed my road's test! I feel so relieved now. ^^ 10 out of 10 for parallel parking~~ Woot! Woot!~ The weird thing was, the driving dude kept talking about police officers since I was in the area where it has a bad reputation of drug dealers and other crazy stuff. I spotted one with a gun in his hand!!! There were like, 10 police cars, and I'm not even exaggerating lol.
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I've just become the co-mod of a wonderful community that I adored from the start (the start of my livejournal-ing that is lol) and I just wanted to have another pimp post (I AM EPIC FAIL -_-;). It's basically a community that posts practically everything pertaining to Korean fashion such as the latest items that are available and a masterlist that contains online/offline shopping malls that may help you. There's lots of other goodies as well so please check it out! (PLUS, selling/exchanging stuff is strictly forbidden so you don't have to see those "SALE" posts everywhere :).