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I guess 4Minutes' album was leaked. Did any of you guys check it out? I'm kind of debating whether or not I want to listen to it at all. I saw the title song posted on omonatheydidnt, but from the comments it seems like they autotuned the crap out of it. So I didn't try it at all. Anywho, WHO WATCHED WILD BUNNY EPISODE 6?! I can't stress how much I love Wooyoung. Move aside, Junho, because I'm starting to love apple head... especially when he throws his head around like that on the bench. Just... unf unf unf. Enough of 2PM (I love 2AM's Jo Kwon!!).

SPOILER ALERT Finished watching Brilliant Legacy, not too shabby of a drama I must say. But all of the coincidences just seem a little scary, and not 'real-life' enough. I still think Eun Sung was better off with Jun Se, but it's obvious for the drama to make the heroine fall in love with the bad-ass-turned-nice-mature guy. Jun Se should fall in love with Hye Ri. Just because they both seem so cool. I also couldn't help but feel sorry for Seung Mi and her mother at the end of it all, but they kinda deserved it. (I loved it when Hwan was addressing Eun Woo as brother-in-law, and telling him what to do if Eun Sung ever gets near a guy.) /SPOILER ALERT That was a really cut-up paragraph lol.

University starting in a little over a week from now. I bought my books (which racked up to about $800CAD) for the first term only. Also got my student ID card, upass for free city transit. Additionally, today I got my Alberta Education letter, telling me I got an 84% on my diploma, which makes me get an 85% as a final. Super stoked that I did so well. I have a field trip for Geology on the first day of school. So please kill me? I'm gonna get lost. lol. Plus, I don't know anyone in that class. Here's hoping I'll make friends easily. My class has only 20 people, so it's gonna be a lil awkward.

Study hard, and love easy!

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