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FIYA!~~~ (long post sorry guys!)

It seems like there has been a ton of excellent quality music these days. My current addictions is BADA's 'Mad', 'Yes, I'm In Love' and Baek Ji Young's 'My Ear's Candy'. Taecyeon rules two out of the three songs. I swear to God he's not my bias. I have a soft spot for Wooyoung and Junho lol. I watched the fourth episode of Wild Bunny today, and it was hella good. I can't wait for next week's episode!! I really want to see Jo Kwon do that 'Abracadabra' dance from BEG. That episode also made me love Junsu and Jaebum even harder. I also want to watch the next Family Outing episode. It looks hilarious since it's a horror special, and scaredy-cat Daesung is paired up with Invincible Hyori to complete the mission.

On more personal stuff... the other day I went to the doc's for a yearly check-up (yeah, where they touch you and stuff), and I found out that I have to gain 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds)!! I'm not hella skinny, heck I have thunder thighs. I think it's mostly because I don't have enough muscle mass in my body (haha). I need to work on that and eat more food. I also have to get my blood and urine (lol I don't think you needed to know that) tested soon. I hate blood tests. Not because of the blood-taking, but because of the fasting that you go through. I get hungry too often, and I hate peeing in cups.

On university crap... My doctor said that I shouldn't take Chinese because it will be too hard on me (especially since I'm going into Biological Sciences... I love biology ♥), plus it takes up five hours of my precious weekend, because I'm taking it on Saturdays. I also need to volunteer in order to enter med school, so she was generous enough to tell me what she recommended that I do, and she offered me a spot at where she's gonna take other doctor-wannabes to. Right now I'm really not sure if I should take Chinese. If anyone has taken a language course, please give me some advice? lol
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