fiya!~ (sweetxseoul) wrote,

because i'm bad, i'm bad, you know it

I'm back guys! I hope you all have been doing well. Now that diploma season is over as well as my high school career... I feel kinda... empty? lol, anyways. I'll try to comment more now to make up for my absence. But just for update sake, during the break I've been able to truly dedicate myself in studying for the stupid exams (even though it was highly tedious and uberly boring). But during these few weeks, I think I fell in love. Yes. In love. With... *drum roll* 2PM! My god. I think they're my favorite boy band ever. I can't even choose my favorite. Yes, I think they're better than Super Junior and DBSK (where the heck is DBSK, nowadays?... Oh... they're in Japan as Tohoshinki. << That was really mean...) I still love them, but they're just to absent in the Korean entertainment scene. I miss their Korean-ness. I'm sure I'll turn around when DBSK makes a new album.

On a sad note, I just wanted to send my prayers to Ed McMahon's, Farrah Fawcett's, and Michael Jackson's families.
Tags: .music, f/e: sad :(, hot stuff: 2pm
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